Prayer: Give It/Receive It

Request prayer or pray for others in need.

Prayer Requests

  • miracles for family friends and people I don't know

  • My son Adrian struggles with suicidal attempts he has emotional anguish and the court system wants him to sign his adult rights to his paternal grandma and his dad which means I won't have him in M6 life until he is 21 as his mom I want him in my care. As his guardian his grandma Val won't let him go his dad hasn't been in his life for few years since he punched our son I know God's Will is always best so I'm asking for God's will be done not mine not adrians dad's not adrians grandma Val. Thank you for your teachings they lead me closer to our Father

  • ROBERT MORRIS .I am currently at a halfway house in Newport Kentucky. It is a house of 45-50 woman who have mostly no where to go and are trying to get their lives back on the right path. I got to the house on August 4th 2017. While attending the substance abuse program at Henderson County detention center I began watching your show. I watched it everyday on TBN after Steven Furtick and because of you I began to get really close to GOD. He is my closest and best friend. I also have gotten close to you through prayer because I have talked to Papa "GOD" .

  • My daughter and I suffer from antidepressant-resistant Major Depression. My daughter, also suffers from extreme anxiety, so severe she is hesitant to even leave the house. We are both born-again believers however, my husband is not a believer and suffers from a severe addiction to pornography. It seems no matter how hard I pray, how much I read the Word, attend Church, the depression and anxiety never change. Especially for my daughter.

  • Please pray God will help Jim stay with Christ